Lib Dems on air over the weekend

by Stephen Tall on December 7, 2007

Quick alert for those wanting to see/hear Lib Dem MPs live on air in the next three days:

• Tonight (Fri), acting Lib Dem leader Vince Cable will be on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions at 8.00 pm (repeated Saturday, 1.10 pm);
• On Sunday morning, Vince (again) will be on BBC1’s Sunday AM (9.00 am), being interviewed by Andrew Marr;
• Also on Sunday, Lord Ashdown will be on Sky News’s The Adam Boulton Programme at (some point from) 10.00 am;
• And on Sunday night, both Lynne Featherstone and David Laws will be on BBC Radio 4’s The Westminster Hour at (some point from) 10.00 pm.

Happy viewing/listening.