London hustings – views from the blogs

by Stephen Tall on November 28, 2007

Yesterday’s London leadership hustings has produced a fair few insta-reactions across the blogosphere – all judiciously fair-minded, too.

(An outbreak of civility among the blogging community! – what’s happening to us? It’s almost as if we’ve come to the conclusion we have two excellent candidates for the leadership, either one of whom could do a sterling job if elected.)

Anyway, here are the links:

Rob Fenwick on A Posh-Sounding Northumbrian: London hustings: my verdict
Gavin Whenman on The Whiskey Priest: EXCLUSIVE: London LibDem Leadership Hustings Report and my Voting Intentions
Tom Papworth on Liberal Polemic: Not candidates but leaders: The London leadership hustings
Alix Mortimer on The People’s Republic of Mortimer: Herding limousines: a London hustings tale
David Boyle on The Real Blog: Hustings angst

And, yes, Linda Jack – I’ve 95% made up my mind now. But, no, I’m not telling.