Oaten: I might quit early

by Stephen Tall on November 22, 2007

Ten years after his sensational 1997 election victory over Tory Gerry Malone was confirmed by a landslide by-election, Mark Oaten has said he might quit politics before the next election if a too-good-to-refuse job offer comes along.

Speaking to the Hampshire Chronicle, Mark is reported saying:

he did not intend to trigger a by-election but “couldn’t rule it out”. … if the “right job and the right move” came up for him and his wife, he would “give it serious consideration”. The father-of-two said: “I hope people understand. There is so much uncertainty over when an election will be, that I also have to think of my future.” …

The MP paid tribute to the support of his family, friends and constituents for helping him get his life back on track. He admitted he had “never been a parliamentary man”, but said one thing he did get right was changing how an MP worked locally. Mr Oaten said he had kept his promise to be active and accountable locally, instead of a remote figure in Westminster.