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by Stephen Tall on November 21, 2007

Chris Huhne answers Daily Telegraph readers’ questions here (prompting this story, Chris Huhne backs UK constitution referendum).

Nick Clegg writes in The Guardian here about Labour’s lost data crisis, and the impact on ID cards.

And Lib Dem blogger of the year, James Graham, finally ends the mystery of who he’s going to vote for on the Guardian’s Comment Is Free blog here.

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Do you not read the Indie then Stephen? ;@) I’ll understand if you don’t…not my favourite paper must admit! ;@)

by Jo A on November 21, 2007 at 8:47 pm. Reply #

I have just read the article in the evening standard website.

He (Nick Clegg) told the Evening Standard: “That’s the crisis in London. The middle classes are leaving the state sector in droves.”

Mr Clegg said this was partly because they think their children will be mixing with children who will not help their child reach their full potential. He said: “I want to educate my children in the state sector but I am not going to start making commitments about decisions that affect my children.”

What does the above mean? I understand the above to mean that Nick Clegg does not want his children to mix with the children of less well off parents, or heaven forbid, working class parents and ethnic minorities, children whose first language is not english such as many muslim, migrant and asylum seeker children and so on.

This is an appalling admission from the front runner to the Lib Dem leadership race.

by Yasmin Zalzala on November 24, 2007 at 3:31 am. Reply #

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