The morning after the lunch-time before

by Stephen Tall on November 19, 2007

Today’s newspaper headlines are unsurprising:

Clegg complains as Lib Dem leadership race turns ugly (The Independent)
Lib Dem leadership contest turns nasty in TV studio clash (The Guardian)
Chris Huhne targets ‘Calamity Clegg’ for Lib Dem leadership (Daily Mail)
Lib Dem leadership rivals clash on TV (The Times)

I hope in the cool, clear light of a Monday morning, both campaign teams will recognize that BBC1’s Politics Show clash generated a lot more heat than light, and act to draw a line under yesterday’s events.

Chris Huhne needs to understand that yesterday’s display was overly belligerent; he’s right to show real passion, but it should be channeled in a way which promotes his and the party’s positive vision. And Nick Clegg needs to understand that displaying leadership means taking flak (and, yes, even sometimes friendly fire), and rising above it – not filing an official complaint against your rival, which will merely serve to fan the flames.

Today’s the beginning of a new week. Let’s all start it in a better spirit than we finished it.