Let’s hear it for Evan

by Stephen Tall on October 31, 2007

Over at the Daily Mail website (the things I read for Lib Dem Voice), Leo McKinstry has cobbled together an unpleasantly personal attack on Lib Dem MP, Evan Harris.

The title gives away the prejudices of the author: ‘Meet Dr Death, the Lib Dem MP Evan Harris who backs embryo experiments, euthanasia and freer abortions’. It’s the kind of poisonous cuttings job which gives journalism a bad name, and has already attracted the ire of Mail readers:

Even if I do not agree with Mr Harris’ points of view, I find this article typical of modern discussion methods, there is no well founded argument just mud throwing as means of discrediting the person with a differnt view, shame on you behaving like this.

Perhaps LDV readers might also want to voice their opinions on Mr McKinstry’s silly rant? You can post your comment via this link.