At last, some good news polls

by Stephen Tall on October 31, 2007

Perhaps we should try not having a leader more often? The last three polls have shown support for the Lib Dems on the up after the nadir of mid-October.

* Today’s Guardian ICM (compared with last poll): Tories 40%(-3), Labour 35%(-1), Lib Dem 18%(+4).
* Yesterday’s Independent ComRes poll: Tories 41%(+7), Labour 33%(-4), Lib Dem 16%(+1)
* Sunday’s Observer Ipsos-Mori poll: Tories 40%(-1), Labour 41%(+3), Lib Dem 13%(+2)

Whether this is the result of the extra publicity caused by Ming’s resignation and subsequent leadership contest, or whether it’s a return to a more steady-state position after the ups-and-downs of the conference season and the election that never was, is a moot point.