New YouGov poll shows… well, not a lot, really

by Stephen Tall on October 26, 2007

There’s a new YouGov poll published in today’s Telegraph, and the big news after all the tumult of the past 10 days – there’s been no change in the parties’ standings since last time the company polled: Labour 38% (nc), Tories 41% (nc), Lib Dems 11% (nc).

YouGov has tended to be the most Lib Dem-pessimistic pollster; its last five polls have shown the party to be in the range of 11-15%. It will be interesting to see what ICM, whose last five polls have shown the party ranging significantly higher – between 14-20% – reports in its next survey.

This was the first poll to ask any questions about the Lib Dem leadership race. Note to journalists (who love wilfully to misinterpret polls) – the sample size for this part of the poll will have been extremely small, meaning there is an even larger margin of error than usual. Plus, Lib Dem voters are not the same as Lib Dem members.

With that caveat entered, here’s what was found (courtesy Anthony Wells’ excellent UK Polling Report):

the poll also asked people who out of Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne would do a better job at leading the Lib Dems. The answer only underlines the two men’s current anonimity [sic] – 10% said Clegg to 5% Huhne, with 57% saying don’t know. Amongst Liberal Democrat voters Huhne led Clegg by 16% to 14%.

Which shows, unsurprisingly, the first task of whoever’s elected will be to ensure voters get to know him, and to understand his vision for the Lib Dems.