New poll: the alternative leadership contest

by Stephen Tall on October 23, 2007

Barring something remarkable taking place between now and close of nominations, the coming leadership campaign will be a two-horse race between Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne.

A number of potential candidates have ruled themselves out of the race despite messages of support from many party members. So the new poll question is simple:

“Of those MPs who’ve ruled themselves out of standing, who would you have voted for given the chance?”

– Vince Cable
– Ed Davey
– Lynne Featherstone
– Julia Goldsworthy
– John Hemming
– Simon Hughes
– Charles Kennedy
– Susan Kramer
– David Laws
– Steve Webb

Feel free to mount a write-in campaign for any MPs you feel have been unjustly ignored.

Here’s the results of the previous poll, which asked: “Who do you think gave Ming Campbell the final push?”

1. The media: 35% (126)
2. The ‘young turks’: 23% (82)
3. Ming himself: 23% (81)
4. The polls: 13% (45)
5. Brown and Cameron: 4% (15)
6. The bloggers: 3% (9)

(Total Votes : 358)