LDV's editorial stance during the leadership race

by Stephen Tall on October 18, 2007

Liberal Democrat Voice is, and always has been, a website run by and for all party members no matter where they place themselves on the spectrum of liberal opinion.

In most party selection contests (eg, London mayoralty and European Parliament) LDV has voluntarily agreed to abide by party rules stating that endorsements of specific candidates, whether in articles themselves or in the comments fields, are not allowed. These rules do not apply to the current contest to succeed Ming Campbell as leader of the national Liberal Democrats.

Nonetheless, and as I hope you’d expect, LDV intends to remain wholly neutral during the ensuing leadership race, and will not of course be endorsing any candidate.

We hope to publish articles from each of the candidates during the course of the campaign. We may also publish articles by their supporters – but, if we do, we will ensure there is proper balance in the amount of coverage devoted to any one candidate.

Comments in support of candidates will not be moderated, though (as ever) we do ask contributors to the site to conduct themselves in polite, rational terms. (Eg, please don’t say ‘Vote for X coz Y is rubbish’; please do feel free to say ‘I’m voting for X because I have been impressed by their…’.)

For the record, I am – like many other bloggers, it seems – genuinely undecided about how to vote, and will not be signing up to any candidate’s campaign in order to (try and) avoid any accusations of bias creeping into LDV’s coverage.

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Stuff that, Stephen.


by Tom Papworth on October 18, 2007 at 4:06 pm. Reply #

Could you ask each candidate to write something titled (say) “My vision for the Liberal Democrats”? I assume, that that was your intention, but I was afraid, that you might have meant, that they may instead write on their chosen field of interest, as well, and pass over the big picture.

by Tom Bombadil on October 18, 2007 at 5:11 pm. Reply #

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