The leadership election timetable

by Stephen Tall on October 16, 2007

16th October: nominations open for the vacancy of leader of the Liberal Democrats. To run, an MP must be nominated by 10% of the Parliamentary party, currently seven MPs; and also by at least 200 party members in 20 local parties.

31st October:
nominations close.

17th November: ballot papers will be sent out to party members.

15th December: last day when ballot papers can be returned.

17th December: the new leader of the Liberal Democrats will be announced.

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I rejoined the party last night after a year gap. Not because I ws pleased to see Ming go – in the same way I lapsed not as a result of him becoming Leader. I just felt disenfranchised and remote from a Party that I had once been so active within.

The news yesterday found me all wound up with ‘what if’s’ and ‘I wonder who’s’ so I thought it’s time to be part of it all again. When you live in a liberally domant area as I do now it’s hard to get motivated when it seems so quiet at a national level.

Now I wonder as a ‘johnny rejoined lately’ will I get a vote or is there a cut off date for membership and a vote??

by Ian Osborne on October 16, 2007 at 8:53 am. Reply #

Anyone who is a current member at close of nominations will be entitled to vote. Anyone who wants to join or renew can do so here:

by Chris Keating on October 16, 2007 at 10:11 am. Reply #

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