It's over: Ming quits

by Stephen Tall on October 15, 2007

Here’s the BBC report. More soon…

6.32 pm… It’s official: Simon Hughes and Vince Cable made the announcement at 6.30 pm. Where was Ming? Did he resign, or was he ‘resigned’?

6.46 pm… This quote from The Guardian:

A friend of Sir Menzies told Guardian Unlimited: “This was a very personal decision taken after much reflection. He has been thinking about the decision ever since Gordon Brown took his decision [not to hold a general election]. That was the moment to think about things, talk to one or two people and weigh up whether he wanted to do this.”

6.50 pm… the statement from Vince and Simon is now up on the party website here.

7.01 pm… Nick Robinson on BBC Radio 5 Live says the announcement came (despite the speculation) completely out of the blue – he had been interviewing likely leadership candidate Nick Clegg for the News at Ten, and he had given Ming his full support.

7.08 pm… Here’s the press coverage so far:; The Times; The Guardian; The Daily Telegraph.

7.14 pm… The text of Ming’s resignation letter has just been released by the party, and can be read in full here.