Simon on Ming: “must do better”

by Stephen Tall on October 12, 2007

Lib Dem President Simon Hughes, interviewed for GMTV’s programme on Sunday, has this to say about the party leadership, according to the BBC:

“The leadership is always an issue in all of the parties, we live in a presidential system and therefore the leader has to continually do well and better and he had a good conference,” he said.
“He did a very good speech, it was meant to be the best conference speech he’s made since being leader, and Ming knows that and there’s no sign that he’s not up for that as a task.”
Asked if that meant Sir Menzies had to do better, Mr Hughes said: “Well, of course, because he started, everybody accepts that it wasn’t a great start, that he’s improved considerably.
“This conference speech went really well and he knows all the time that the party has to do better, that’s my job, collectively, and the leader obviously has to do better, get better at getting the message across, better at getting the policy out, better at making sure that out there people understand that Labour and Tory are often the same on policy, we offer a difference.
“Now, he will do that, I’m confident he’ll do that.”

I’m sure he meant well, but I’ve heard more ringing endorsements.