Warning: this post contains traces of Iain Dale

by Stephen Tall on September 25, 2007

In all my excitement yesterday at the posting on Iain Dale’s Diary of Iain Dale’s Guide to Blogging 2007: Top 100 Liberal Democrat Blogs – an article trailing the publication this week of Iain Dale’s Guide To Political Blogging In The UK, edited by Iain Dale – I forgot to mention that Iain Dale’s Guide To Political Blogging In The UK also includes articles not by Iain Dale.

The following four chapters are by Lib Dem contributors:

  • Blogging: what’s in it for political parties? – Mark Pack
  • Why MPs Should Blog! – Lynne Featherstone MP
  • The state of Lib Dem blogging in the UK – Stephen Tall
  • My first year of blogging – Nich Starling

    If that’s been enough to whet your appetite, you can buy Iain Dale’s Guide To Political Blogging In The UK via Amazon by using this link – in which case the Lib Dems will earn some commission, which we’re sure Iain Dale won’t mind.

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    Isn’t there an article by Iain Dale?!

    by Iain Dale on September 25, 2007 at 9:51 pm. Reply #

    Well, yes Iain, that would be why this is a list of ‘also includes articles not by’.

    I dunno, I’m sure some Tories out there get this whole language comprehension thing…

    by MatGB on September 25, 2007 at 9:58 pm. Reply #

    Is this the same Iain Dale who told me he had no doubts he would win North Norfolk at the last election? I told him he could count it a personal success if he kept the majority down to below 5000. I hope his assessment of all these blogs is more accurate!

    (Just teasing, Iain! Hope you are keeping well, as well as famous.)

    by Tony Greaves on September 25, 2007 at 11:15 pm. Reply #

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