Is Iain Dale being fair?

by Stephen Tall on September 24, 2007

As Mark Pack notes below, Tory uber-blogger Iain Dale has taken a bit of a swipe at Lib Dem Voice in his run-down of the top 100 Lib Dem blogs. Here’s what he says:

One of the sadder developments in the LibDem blogosphere this year has been the decline of LibDem Voice. At one stage it looked as if it might disappear altogether when its creator, Rob Fenwick, decided he had had enough. In the end a collective of libdems bloggers including Mark Pack, Stephen Tall and Ryan Cullen came to the rescue. It does seem, however, to have become a party mouthpiece with Mark Pack, a senior LibDem employee writing the majority of the posts. It’s lost that certain ‘spark’ which Rob Fenwick gave it, and it doesn’t question LibDem officialdom in the way that Conservative Home does.

Well, you’re our readers – is Iain right? If yes, what do you want to see change? Let us know what you think below…