Telegraph: Tories in marginals tell unpopular Cameron to stay away

by Stephen Tall on September 23, 2007

The Daily Telegraph today details some of the internal unhappiness in the Tory party with their leader, David Cameron – the least popular national party leader according to recent opinion polls.

The article is headlined ‘Tory pressure as David Cameron effect fades’, and claims:

Mr Cameron’s standing in some marginal seats is so bad that some Tory candidates have requested that their leader does not visit them during an election campaign. It is an extraordinary turnaround for a man once hailed as the saviour of the party.

The paper also reports on the latest activities of Lord Ashcroft, Tory deputy chairman, who is pumping money into those key battleground constituences that he has personally approved.

As Lib Dem peer, Lord Oakeshott, notes:

“This reeks of 19th century rotten boroughs when a rich patron had scores of MPs on his payroll dancing to his tune.

“Our democracy is in danger unless election spending limits bite now in every seat. Otherwise, new Tory MPs might as well stride into the Commons chamber on the day after the next election with ‘sponsored by Ashcroft’ on their backs.”

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