There’s a few Tory votes Boris has lost

by Stephen Tall on September 22, 2007

An interesting e-mail was sent to Lib Dem Voice a couple of days ago from the managing director of a top city firm. It’s fairly self-explanatory:

Dear Liberal Democrats

I am a fully paid up member of the Conservative Party and will NOT be voting for Boris Johnson who is very likely to get the Party’s nomination. He comes across an unkempt, bumbling journalist with just witty soundbites and NOT the Face of London we need to kick The Living Stone into touch. I and many of my Tory friends will be voting for your candidate [x].

I thought this would please you !

Which indeed it does. Looks like Ming might have had a point – Boris might very well prove to be “the blondest suicide note in history” for the Tories’ London mayoral ambitions.

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One comment

Why didn’t this “fully paid up member of the Conservative party” just vote for one of the other candidates?

And with regard to you “rattling the cage of British politics”, are you on the outside trying to get in or on the inside trying to get out?

by James Clevrly on September 24, 2007 at 11:11 pm. Reply #

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