NEW POLL: Who do you think enjoyed the best conference?

by Stephen Tall on September 21, 2007

Time for a new poll, wethinks. After a few days by the seaside the key question is: who had the brightest Brighton?

Here are the candidates:

Ming Campbell: swatted away the media-induced leadership speculation with a stirring end-of-conference speech;

Nick Clegg: cannily steered through a potentially controversial motion proposing a selective amnesty for illegal immigrants, but then allowed the media to whip up yet another fake frenzy by admitting he’d probably stand for the leadership next time.

Lady Elspeth: the Lib Dems’ very own Cherie – “I don’t know whether you are being helpful or not,” was her rebuke to Nick Clegg. “I’m trying to be,” came the slightly embarrassed reply.

Lynne Featherstone: speeches to fringe after fringe, all lovingly documented on her website. And, besides, no Lib Dem poll is complete without Lynne appearing on it.

Chris Huhne: never put a foot wrong, and not a hair out of place. His presence at a fringe meeting on waste strategy attracted a packed audience, testimony to his appeal to activists.

Sarah Teather: for the admirable candour of her remarks: “I’m just the higher education spokeswoman, no one tells me anything,” she told the BBC. And at a Channel 4 / Hansard fringe she bitterly wryly noted the absence of, erm, dating opportunities for single women; helps to be a single man, allegedly.

Eyes right to vote. And if you don’t like the options, use the comments section to organise a write-in campaign.