Another desperate Times headline

by Stephen Tall on September 20, 2007

This is it: ‘Lib Dems accused over donor link to company in offshore tax haven’

The report continues:

The Liberal Democrats have been accused of hypocrisy after The Times discovered that the party’s biggest business donor is controlled by a company in an offshore tax haven.

Alpha Healthcare, a residential homes firm which gave the party £125,000 this year, is ultimately run by Harberry Investments in the British Virgin Islands.

This week the Lib Dem conference suggested a clampdown on the use of offshore companies as part of action on tax loopholes for the super-rich.

So, let me get this straight… The Lib Dems propose a policy which could hit hard one of our biggest donors, and this is somehow regarded as hypocrisy? Surely hypocrisy would be changing the party’s policy because of a big donation – y’know, like the Tories and Labour frequently do.

Would the party have been hypocritical accepting a donation from a higher-rate taxpayer at the last election, given our then policy to increase the top-rate of tax to 50%?

In the weird, distorted world of the right-wing Times, apparently yes.