Ed Davey on Ming’s Euro referendum proposal

by Stephen Tall on September 15, 2007

Ed Davey MP, Ming Campbell’s chief of staff, has posted a comment to Lib Dem Voice setting out why he thinks the Lib Dem leader is right to reject a referendum on the EU reform treaty, but to call for a vote on the UK’s continuing membership of the European Union. Here’s an extract:

For the record, Ming has been thinking about this idea for some time, and, not surprisingly you might say, I think it is a bold and astute move – and I’d like to set out the full argument, including why the *draft* Reform Treaty doesn’t appear to warrant a referendum – but also why Ming is right to call for the REAL referendum people want. …

The question of Britain’s place in the European Union has poisoned our national politics for decades. As a nation, we need to lance this boil and decide once and for all if we want to be a part of this European Union or not. This is the big question, whether we like it ask it or not. This is the question that we should face.

My answer is would be an unequivocal yes. I would relish the opportunity to get out their and campaign – to take on those who would have us out – to banish the myths and have the argument on the big issues.

You can read Ed’s response in full here.