Guardian asks, ‘Could Ming bounce?’

by Stephen Tall on September 14, 2007

A rather bizarre headline distracts from a shrewd, but by no means comfortable, analysis of the Lib Dems’ prospects by Lewis Baston, co-editor of Politico’s Guide to the General Election 2005 and research officer at the Electoral Reform Society, on The Guardian’s CommentIsFree blog.

It’s worth reading in full here – but here’s the conclusion:

There are two strategies available [to the Lib Dems], to slog on and hope the climate improves, or to shake it up. More or less the only way the party has to shake things up is to dispose of another leader. Rumblings against Charles Kennedy were audible at the 2005 conference, and Ming Campbell is no doubt well aware that 2007 in Brighton is a big test for his own leadership. Whether getting rid of him would accomplish anything, or just divide and demoralise the party further, is debatable. The Lib Dems are in an unenviable position, and what makes it all the more horrid is that there may be absolutely nothing they can do about it.