‘Being Norman Lamb’ in the Staggers

by Stephen Tall on August 30, 2007

The New Statesman blog devotes a column to the Norman Lamb Facebook saga:

In an unprecedented turn of events, the blogosphere was focused on East Anglia for much of this week. Recent reports of identity thieves finding a rich resource on Facebook were highlighted in the ongoing saga involving the profile on the social networking site of Lib Dem health spokesman Norman Lamb. A brief history of which is covered at Lib Dem Voice.

The same IP address was shown to be responsible for tampering with Lamb’s Wikipedia entry and also uploading an anti-Lib Dem video on YouTube. Various Conservative comments have been made from the same IP address across the internet and there have also been 12 comments from eight “different” people on Lib Dem Voice.

There’s more here, as well as links to Lib Dem bloggers Nich Starling and Duncan Borrowman.

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