Lib Dems’ Zero-carbon Britain proposals: the media view

by Stephen Tall on August 29, 2007

As you’d expect, really… lauded by the left-liberal press; ignored by the right-wing…

The Independent

The Liberal Democrats [launched] detailed proposals to make Britain a carbon-neutral state by 2050, underlining a long-standing commitment to the environment. … Yesterday’s proposals by the Liberal Democrats highlight how much more there is to do. They have proposed taxes on pollution not people and the introduction of green mortgages. They suggest a vastly improved new North-South high-speed rail line, paid for by road tolls, and a massive boost to Britain’s flood defences.

The Guardian

The Liberal Democrat leadership yesterday outlined a vision of a zero-carbon Britain by 2050 when it published the most ambitious blueprint for climate change reform ever produced by a mainstream political party. … Some of the party’s proposals are familiar, others highly technical. But Mr Huhne said last night that the statement – if endorsed by next month’s party conference – represents the first fully comprehensive policy from a major party. Sir Ming, who has given up his Jaguar XJS, said: “Climate change is a global problem that requires an international solution. Under our proposals the UK would set the green standard for others to reach.”

Ambitious proposals from the Liberal Democrats to make the UK carbon neutral by 2050 have been welcomed by green campaigners this week. Under the title of ‘Zero Carbon Britain – Taking a Global Lead’, the strategy contains proposals on transport, energy and a new green taxation model. … “We are delighted that the Liberal Democrats have come up with a range of progressive policies aimed at making the UK carbon neutral by 2050,” commented Friends of the Earth’s Director Tony Juniper. “The leadership must now increase pressure on the other main parties to follow suit.”

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Ming giving up his Jag still seems like an empty gesture to me. The majority of a cars emmissions in it lifetime are created when it is produced and not while it is running on the road. It would have been better for the environment if he’d just kept it until the end of its life.

by Letterman on August 29, 2007 at 3:23 pm. Reply #


Ahh an empty gesture…worse or better than hipocrisy? Damn it’s hard to be green.

As for lifetime emissons, sorry your just wrong. Most of the emissions are produced in the driving (somewhere between 60-80% i think). But yes manufactured emissions are not insigniificant.

All of this is of course rather irrelavent he is one man it is the policies that really matter as they will influence millions when implemented, and have an effect on the political discourse if they arent implemented directly.

by Calvin Jones on August 30, 2007 at 12:20 am. Reply #

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