Sunflowering Infernal

by Stephen Tall on July 27, 2007

I don’t pretend to be much of a gardener – bit difficult, really, if you don’t have a garden. But never let it be said I don’t try.

Last year, rather bizarrely, Oxford City Council gave all councillors (and I assume quite a few residents) packets of sunflower seeds to promote The Oxford Solar Initiative – “working with you for lower energy bills and warmer, healthier homes”.

As a result of which I am now the pleased as punch owner and grower of four thriving sunflowers. My pride and joy, now over four feet high, and just in bloom this week, is pictured here.

Behind me you can see the glamorous Cowley Road backdrop to the balcony of my flat – the County Council’s social services offices.

And not a flood in sight.