Lib Dems becoming more liberal, says Adam Smith Institute

by Stephen Tall on July 27, 2007

That’s the verdict of the Director of the Adam Smith Institute, Dr Eamonn Butler, in an interview with, following today’s publication of Lib Dem proposals to combat poverty and inequality:

“It looks like they’re thinking in the right direction. It sounds like fresh thinking and that’s always welcome from politicians because it’s so rare. The Liberal party [sic] does seem to be getting more liberal. It went through years of trying to be Labour and now it’s getting more liberal. There’s a need for that in politics because of all this ‘nannying’.”

For some Lib Dem members, praise from such free-market-loving liberals as the ASI will be most unwelcome, perhaps confirming their fears about the party’s direction under Ming Campbell. Others, though, may welcome the recognition, from as unexpected a source as the ASI, that the Lib Dems are serious about thinking anew, and making tough choices.

And many, of course, won’t give a toss what the ASI thinks.