Daily Mail: 'The woman who is a stripogram, kissogram and a Lib Dem councillor'

by Stephen Tall on July 26, 2007

And it’s causing ructions in Bideford Town Council in Devon. The full Mail story is here, while the North Devon Gazette’s report is here.

Putting aside the faux-outrage of the Mail’s typical nudge-nudge coverage – complete with large, provocative photos – there are some interesting issues here:

– should the fact that Cllr Bushell operates a sex-line from home preclude her from standing for elected office under the Lib Dem banner?
– did she tell her local party about these activities before seeking election as a Lib Dem?
– how did the Bushells get elected as Lib Dems when not (it seems) members of the party?

This is something of a liberal dilemma – Cllr Bushell is, let’s remember, doing nothing illegal. Yet how comfortable would many local parties be in fielding her as a Lib Dem candidate, knowing it would leave them exposed to such negative publicity?