New poll: Should Lib Dem Voice cover opinion polls?

by Stephen Tall on July 25, 2007

When site founder Rob Fenwick started Lib Dem Voice he made it perfectly clear readers would have to go elsewhere if they wanted to obsess about the ups-and-downs of political opinion polls.

He had, and has, a valid point.

Newspaper coverage of opinion polls is inevitably sensationalist; after all, they want to get their money’s worth of coverage. Even sites like increasingly try and read trends into even the smallest of fluctuations in support, well within the margin of error. The best, and usually pretty impartial, analysis of the polls is written by Tory activist Anthony Wells, over at YouGov’s UK Polling Report blog.

Equally, Lib Dem Voice attracts its fair share of political anoraks, who positively salivate over each and every opinion poll.

The question is, therefore: should Lib Dem Voice report opinion polls when they are published? And what better way to settle the issue than by conducting our own poll? It’s now live (see right), and the three possible options are straightforward:

Yes, LDV should report opinion polls;
No, it shouldn’t;
Only if they’re good for the Lib Dems

Over to you…