The Lib Dems on the floods

by Stephen Tall on July 23, 2007

Quick round-up:

‘Lib Dem leader in flood-hit city’ (BBC Online)
Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell has criticised the government’s flood plans as he prepared to visit Hull to see the aftermath of last month’s deluge. He said a lack of government planning had led to a “summer of suffering”.

‘Row over disaster response deepens as flooding eases’ (The Scotsman)
Liberal Democrat environment spokesman, Chris Huhne, said: “The government has been far too slow to wake up to the potentially devastating effects of extreme rainfall overwhelming drains and sewers.”

Floodplains ‘not ruled out’ for new homes (
Liberal Democrat housing spokesman Paul Holmes said: “Before any houses can be built on flood plains, the Government must urgently decide who has the responsibility to ensure that adequate flood defences are part of the development process. With towns and villages under water, the recent weeks have dramatically highlighted the need of buyers to know whether it is the Government or the builders who ensure that they are safe in their new homes.”

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There is no ironclad criteria for makes a ‘floodplain’. Most of the officially delimited floodplains, in planning maps in England anyway, are based on the areas of inundation of the 1947 floods adjusted for the very different experiences of the 1974 floods. Areas that did not flood then may actually be a high risk from flooding. Councillors who sit on Development Control Committees should be very sceptical of precise flood-risk boundaries in planning submissions.

Much of the historic data on floods was lost at the time of the privatisation of the old Water Authorities when people over 50 were compulsorily retired to ‘slim down’ the workforces and too late it was discovered that much flood information had been held as local lore and not written down..

by Edis on July 23, 2007 at 4:54 pm. Reply #

A lot of complaints about the Government not doing enough to help those made homeless by the floods

But it’s not all bad news. One man from Hull is getting Government help with his accommodation….

by Bridget Fox on July 23, 2007 at 5:36 pm. Reply #

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