12.15 pm Ealing and Sedgefield update: Lib Dems second, Tories trail in third

by Stephen Tall on July 20, 2007

This seems to be the consensus of speculation so far:

– the Lib Dems will come a good second in Ealing Southall, running Labour hard, and shrugging off the Tory challenge;

– and will leap-frog the Tories into second place behind Labour in Sedgefield.

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Not impressive was he; plum in his mouth over-educated stereotype Tory getting by on Daddy’s money.

Horrible generalisation but that’s how he came across, so what was DC thinking in shoe-horning him in?

OTOH, Nigel isn’t coming across great, but at least he comes across as sincere. Ah well, time to turn in.

by MatGB on July 20, 2007 at 2:47 am. Reply #

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