Police investigation into Ealing Southall postal votes ‘leak’

by Stephen Tall on July 19, 2007

As if the Ealing Southall by-election needed another twist… news has broken tonight that police will be mounting an investigation following the leaking of alleged postal vote scores via the Telegraph’s Little and Large blog, authored by Daily Telegraph journalists Brendan Carlin and Jonathan Isaby.

As any fule kno, it’s a criminal offence to disclose the results of postal vote counts before polls close. The complaint to the police has come from Labour’s election agent, Ken Clarke (no, not him, a different one).

It is of course a complete mystery which party might have chosen to leak figures – which may be accurate, or may be designed to mislead, or may just be plain wrong – to their friends at the Telegraph. Hmmm.

For the moment – at least until the relevant comments are removed – the curious may wish to check out this thread on PoliticalBetting.com.

PS: Ironically, the Telegraph’s Little and Large blog splashed on Monday with ‘Lib Dems setting themselves up for fall’, a brazen attempt to spin anything other than a landslide Lib Dem victory in Ealing Southall as a disaster for the party and for Ming. As they prepare to help the police with their inquiries, Brendan and Jonathan might wish to reflect that pride comes before a fall.