Grant Shapps in irony-is-dead shocker

by Stephen Tall on July 19, 2007

Grant Shapps MP, the Tory by-election campaign manager in Ealing Southall, gained some level of infamy last week when he was caught red-handed pretending to be a Lib Dem member posting comments to YouTube.

Mr Shapps’ weak excuse – that his account password was set to ‘1234’, and hacked by opposition parties – was widely derided.

So it comes as some surprise to see this story in today’s Times:

The Conservatives claimed to have identified a woman who confronted Mr Cameron during a walkabout in the constituency as a Labour supporter involved in the party’s campaign. …

Referring to Mr Cameron’s heated exchange, Grant Schapps [sic], the Tory MP running his party’s campaign, said: “The Labour Party is resorting to dirty tricks by a party apparatchik posing as a member of the public to harangue David Cameron.”

It’s hard to top that, frankly.


GOOD LUCK to the Lib Dem campaign teams in both Ealing Southall and Sedgefield.