Top of the Blogs: The Golden Dozen #21

by Stephen Tall on July 15, 2007

Welcome to the 21st (yes! – we’ve finally come of age) of our weekly round-ups from the Lib Dem blogosphere, featuring the seven most popular stories according to click-throughs from the Aggregator (8th-14th July), together with a hand-picked quintet you might otherwise have missed.

For some reason, events in Ealing seem to have dominated the blogs this week – as I suspect they might do next week, too. Here we go, then, in descending order of popularity:

1. What is going on in Ealing Southall? on Jonathan Calder’s Liberal England blog.
It appears there’s some interest in finding out the answer to this question.

2. Labour more hopeful in Ealing Southall on Nich Starling’s Norfolk Blogger blog.
Well, we’ll know for sure in four days’ time.

3. Private Eye – shocking smear on Andy Mayer’s blog.
But no link, so you’ll have to buy the magazine…

4. Ealing 4 – I met Tony Lit! on Chris Keating’s The Diary of Chris K blog.
A glimpse into by-election fever.

5. EXCLUSIVE (really this time!): Tories brag about dirty tricks on James Graham’s Quaequam Blog! blog.
The perils of bragging about theft on Facebook.

6. My Political Future on Toby Philpott’s Liberal Legend blog.
A personal explanation from Toby about why he’s rejoining the Bromley & Chislehurst Lib Dems.

7. The only blog post you need to read about the Parliamentary by-elections, no matter what party you’re from on Rob Fenwick’s The Posh Sounding Northumbrian blog.
Is he being ironic, d’you reckon?

And here’s another five well worth reading (if you haven’t already):

8. A hoot on Lynne Featherstone MP’s Parliament and Haringey Diary blog.
Tory MP Grant Shapps excuse that his infamous ‘1234’ YouTube password was hacked, allowing someone else to pose as a dejected Lib Dem activist, leaves Lynne amused and bemused. She wasn’t alone.

9. I really don’t understand how Liberal Democrats do by-elections… by the empress Jessica on Mark Valladares’ Liberal Bureaucracy blog.
An alternative take from a by-election sceptic.

10. A Marriage of Convenience on Joe Taylor’s On Liberty, Online blog.
Refutes David Cameron’s argument that marriage is the answer to all ills.

11. BNP Leadership Crisis on Christopher Leslie’s Liberal Leslie blog.
An election the result of which I am utterly indifferent to.

12. First born on Nich Starling’s Norfolk Blogger blog.
Congratulations to Nich; and welcome to the world, Harry.

And that’s it for another week. See you next time, same place.
* Stephen Tall blogs at ‘A Liberal Goes A Long Way’.

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