Reshuffle predictions – how did I do?

by Stephen Tall on June 29, 2007

Well, not too bad. Five ‘direct hits’ (right person, right job) and 12 ‘indirect hits’ (in the cabinet, but in a different job).

Caroline Flint, Hilary Armstrong, Lord Kinnock and Liam Byrne were the ones I tipped for the top who didn’t make it.

Prime Minister: Gordon Brown
Deputy PM: Jack Straw No-one appointed (though is Straw de facto)
Chancellor: Alastair Darling
Home Secretary: Alan Johnson Jacqui Smith (well, no-one else saw that one coming either)
Justice Minister: Jack Straw
Foreign Secretary: David Miliband
Health Secretary: Caroline Flint Alan Johnson (a safe choice)
Education Secretary: Hilary Benn Ed Balls (children and skills) and John Denham (university and skills) – I’ll be interested to see how long it is before Balls’ tone-deaf touch lands the Government in hot water.
Work & Pensions: James Purnell Peter Hain
Culture Secretary: Hazel Blears James Purnell
Defence Secretary: Peter Hain Des Browne (a lucky survivor)
Environment Secretary: Douglas Alexander Hilary Benn
International Development: John Denham Douglas Alexander (who will combine running Labour’s election campaign with promoting the interests of the Third World. Hmmm.)
Trade & Industry Secretary: Hilary Armstrong John Hutton
Leader of the Lords: Lord Kinnock Baroness Ashton (shame, it would have been fun to see Neil back in the thick of things).
Communities & Local Government: Hazel Blears Ruth Kelly
Devolved regions: Jacqui Smith Des Browne, Peter Hain, Shaun Woodward (A mistake, I thought, not to bring these roles together.)
Transport: John Hutton Hazel Blears
Commons Leader: Harriet Harman
Chief Secretary to the Treasury: Ed Balls Andy Burnham
Chief Whip: Andy Burnham Geoff Hoon
Duchy of Lancaster: Ed Miliband
Without portfolio: Liam Byrne

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Where were the LD poodles in Brown’s cabinet (not the drinks one)? Perhaps we shall see a new ”alliance’ coming to the fore- let’s call it the ‘gang of bore’ ( Ming, Shirl, Pads and someone else)! Just the thing for Libbies- power without responsibility…or getting elected to it…

by simon on June 30, 2007 at 10:03 am. Reply #

“the LD poodles in Brown’s cabinet”

Does Peter Hain count, being a former Liberal?!

by Anonymous on June 30, 2007 at 10:59 am. Reply #

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