Brown's failed poachings: the views of the Lib Dem blogs

by Stephen Tall on June 21, 2007

Fifteen Lib Dem bloggers have so far had their say on Gordon Brown’s move to ensnare some of the Lib Dems’ top talent inside his first cabinet.

Here are the links (in reverse chronological order):

Neil Fawcett, A Liberal Dose: ‘More Guardian Tripe’

Tristan Mills, Liberty Alone: ‘Pacts with Labour’

Jonathan Wallace: ‘Cabinet seats and spin’

James Graham, Quaquam Blog!: ‘Deny everything, Baldrick (Updated)’

Mike Bell, Word from Weston: ‘A cosy consensus’

Anders Hanson: ‘Do we really worry the other parties that much?’

Paul Walter, Liberal Burblings: ‘Liberals resist headless chicken hysteria at “bums on seats” story’ and ‘Northern Ireland Secretary offer to Ashdown – Only a cretin would take this seriously’ and ‘Jobs-for-Lordsgate – two whopping great positives for us’

Nich Starling, Norfolk Blogger: ‘Morally bankrupt Guardian shows that it is no guardian of free speech and high political values’ and ‘Ming is so right to say no to Labour’

Toby Philpott, Liberal Legend: ‘The Guardian Talks Rot’

Jeremy Hargreaves: ‘United We Stand: No Thanks, Gordon’

Steve Webb MP, The Webb Log: ‘Lib Dems in the new Brown Government?’

Paul Evans, Hot Ginger and Dynamite: ‘No Gorzumping’

Charles Anglin, The Dissenter’s Voice: ‘Brown’s mischief and Lib Dem misjudgement’

Stephen Tall, A Liberal Goes A Long Way: ‘What should Ming have done?’

Steve Guy, The sandals are off: ‘We are not Labour Lite’

Doubtless there are more articles being written as I write… please use the comments box to direct folk to any I’ve missed (or which weren’t published when I compiled this list).