That Broon meme

by Stephen Tall on June 14, 2007

With thanks to James Graham for ‘tagging’ me (why is the ‘blogosphere’ so afflicted with such infantilising terms?):

2 things of which Gordon Brown should be proud.

  1. Giving independence to the Bank of England.
  2. Having been on watch during a broadly benign economic cycle.

2 things for which he should apologise.

  1. Bank-rolling the Iraq war without a murmur of dissent.
  2. An obsession with centralization, targets and complexity which has undermined public services and made the lives of the poor much harder.

2 things that he should do immediately when he becomes PM.

  1. Introduce fair votes for all local and national elections in the UK.
  2. Scrap ID Cards, and strengthen Freedom of Information.

2 things he should do while he is PM.

  1. Oversee a comprehensive decentralization to local communities of power over public services and the taxation necessary to pay for them.
  2. Vigorously oppose protectionist interests wherever they exist, and unashamedly press for free and fair world trade as the best means of lifting the poorest out of poverty.

My turn to tag: Jonathan Calder, Cicero, Alex Wilcock, Andy Mayer, David Rundle, and Liberal Review.