Oxford: Tory-free for much longer?

by Stephen Tall on May 8, 2007

Rumours persist, as relayed by my ward colleague, David Rundle – here, then here – that the city of Oxford may shortly find itself with a Tory group, after a gap of 11 years.

The Tories in both Oxford West (MP: Evan Harris, Lib Dem) and East (MP: Andrew Smith, Labour – pro tem) are no more, they have ceased to be, expired, gone to meet their maker, etc. Any hopes they might have had of a Cameron-inspired resurrection have been killed off by the overbearing behaviour of the reactionary County Tories, led by Keith Mitchell, who glories in being the very antithesis of everything Mr Cameron would have us believe his fluffy Tory Party really, truly, honestly now is.

So the Tories have given up on actually winning a council seat in Oxford. Instead they are preparing to make do with two or three ‘hand-me-down’ councillors, and are eagerly wooing those pliant enough to listen to their blandishments.

It’s hard to believe any councillor in Oxford would be willing to accept the suicide mission of representing the Tories in this city, becoming a ‘poor, bloody sacrifice’ to Cllr Mitchell’s rampant grand-standing. But, then, unbelievable just about sums it all up.