Back to earth…

by Stephen Tall on April 17, 2007

… but not with a bump, fortunately.

My flight from Hong Kong touched down at 5.30 am (BST) on Monday morning. By 9.00 am, I was seated and (just about) in a right frame of mind for the Executive Board meeting of Oxford City Council. Devotion to duty, or sheer bloody madness? You decide.

For the record, the rest of the day was spent in a zombie-like state of semi-sleep. I am now human again.

I mentioned in my vlog (a real word now, apparently) posting below quite what an issue Hong Kong’s pollution has become. This fact was rammed home on Sunday afternoon, when I took the Star ferry across to Kowloon, and was able to observe for myself the skyline in which I’d been living for a week-end.

This is the picture perfect view of the harbour on a sunny day (via Google image search):

And this is the view I had on a sunny day (there were clear, blue skies directly overhead). And, let me assure you, the unclarity of the image is nothing to do with either my camera, nor the photographer:

Spot the difference?