Top of the Blogs: the Golden Dozen #6

by Stephen Tall on April 1, 2007

The sixth of our weekly round-ups from the Lib Dem blogosphere, featuring the seven most popular stories according to click-throughs from the Aggregator, together with a hand-picked quintet you might otherwise have missed.

A rather eclectic mix this week, in descending order of popularity:

1. ‘Nick Clegg’s Leadership Plans’ on Linda Jack’s Lindyloo’s Muze blog.
Linda teases her readers with a promise of the inside-track on the Sheffield Hallam MP’s always-honourable intentions…

2. ‘Pics from the inside of the stately home of the Lord Rennard’ on Jonathan Wallace’s blog
Yes, it turns out Lib Dem blog readers are just as much suckers for a glossy Hello-style photo spread as everyone else.

3. ‘If only Mark Oaten had defected to the Tories…’ on Paul Walter’s Liberal Burblings blog.
A counter-factual question which will resonate through history.

4. ‘End of an era: LDYS changes its constitution’ on Anders Hanson’s blog.
Young people today, eh? Always re-writing constitutions.

5. ‘Michael White destroys Guido’ again on Paul Walter’s Liberal Burblings blog.
This week’s big story in the blogosphere. A shadowy Guido Fawkes comes unstuck live on Newsnight.

6. ‘Top Lib Dem media-tarts’ on (ahem) Stephen Tall’s A Liberal Goes A Long Way blog.
What unites Ming Campbell, Nick Clegg and Lembit Öpik? They’re the three most-mentioned Lib Dem MPs in the media in the last six months.

7. ‘Oldham East & Saddleworth PPC Alison Smith quits’ reports Rob Fenwick on Lib Dem Voice.
Who will now take the fight to Labour’s egregious Phil Woollas MP?

And here’s another five you may not have read, but should have done:

8. ‘The Trap: Whatever happened to our dreams of freedom? (Conclusion)’ on Tom Papworth’s Liberal Polemic blog.
The final article in a series of must-read posts analysing Adam Curtis’s The Trap (BBC2). Let’s hear it for negative liberty, which “offers the broadest and most enabling future imaginable”.

9. ‘Baffled of Brussels!!’ on Sajjad Karim MEP’s blog.
Why is the European Commission supporting protectionist trade policies against energy-efficient light bulbs from China?

10. ‘Regulating the politicians’ on Peter Black AM’s blog.
Might a self-confessed 40+ rocking sci-fi fanboy blogger find himself regulated by the Welsh Assembly?

11. ‘Miliband says ‘I can’’ by Richard Huzzey on Lib Dem Voice.
From ‘I need’ to ‘I want’ to ‘I can’ – is it time to welcome Mr Miliband aboard the liberal express (carbon-offset of course).

12. ‘Beating the Tories 11 to 10’ on Jonathan Wallace’s blog.
Ten Lib Dem councillors have defected to the Tories since David Cameron’s emergence; 11 Tories have defected to the Lib Dems in the same time. Wonder which story the media will choose to report?

Before I go, don’t forget, this week’s BritBlog round-up, once resident at Tim Worstall’s blog, is this week squatting over at Jonathan Calder’s Liberal England blog. Do visit.

* Stephen Tall blogs at ‘A Liberal Goes A Long Way’.

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