The Flaw of Jenkins’ Ire

by Stephen Tall on March 14, 2007

Simon Jenkins is in good trenchant form in today’s Grauniad on Trident, but see if you can spot the logical fallacy in his opening paragraph:

I can hardly believe that a majority of British MPs will tonight vote to renew the British nuclear deterrent. Almost all of them, of all parties, know in their heads that it makes no sense. They lack the guts to say so, Labour MPs because they want jobs under Gordon Brown, Conservatives because they love whizzbangs and want to embarrass Tony Blair by keeping him in power, for reasons that pass comprehension.

He cites, “of all parties”, but names and shames only two. I wonder why that might be?

Not because Mr Jenkins cannot find it in himself to agree with (or even mention) the Lib Dem position, is it?