I can see the park from here

by Stephen Tall on February 18, 2007

I can’t pretend that delivering leaflets to tower blocks is my absolute favourite activity for a Sunday afternoon. However, it does have its compensations, as I re-discovered today when distributing the latest Lib Dem newsletter round Ploughman’s Tower in the Northway estate of Oxford East.

First, it’s warm and dry inside – less important today, but a boon when you’re seeking refuge from wet and blustery weather.

And, secondly, the views from the top of the tower. This photo was snapped from the top floor, looking east towards the John Radcliffe Hospital in my Headington ward. A shame it was so overcast, but still a pretty impressive sight.

It’s one of the constant delights of Oxford that, as a small, densely-packed city surrounded by greenbelt, you’re only ever a few minutes away from countryside.

I should also pay tribute to my ward colleague, David Rundle, who helped me deliver one of the 14 floors. The first floor. That’s what political comradeship is all about.

We then repaired to Old Headington village, only a five minute drive from Ploughman’s Tower – but it somehow feels a lot further away.

I took the opportunity to nip into Bury Knowle Park, right in the heart of Headington – and, therefore, for such is the barking madness of the Boundary Commissioners, just outside Headington ward.

The park is in post-winter splendour right now, with naked trees hinting that spring is soon to break through. And the new lamps the Council has installed are helping to combat the lingering gloom. Terrifically tranquil.

Now if I could just get rid of the ink still staining my fingers…