Bleary viewing

by Stephen Tall on February 16, 2007

Inspiration for Friday’s regular YouTube clip was provided by Jonathan Calder’s sly post, Hazel Blears: A nation holds its breath, which has the nerve to suggest that an announcement of an announcement by the Labour Party chairman that she may, or may not, contest the deputy leadership is not the world’s most earth-shattering event.

Anyway, this six-minute ‘Best of Paxman’ clip-fest includes the infamous joust between Jeremy and then Home Office minister Ms Blears which took place on Newsnight two years ago (it’s 2 mins 36 secs in). I call it a joust… it’s more of a skewering, really. The words ‘rabbit’ and ‘headlights’ spring to mind.

Oh, and a certain Michael Howard briefly features, too.

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