Because the pictures are funnier

by Stephen Tall on January 15, 2007

The Guardian carries one of those rather tired ‘Whither radio comedy?’ articles today. Y’know, the kind of article which appear every couple of years, citing past gems from the archives, and finds today’s current crop wanting:

This Thursday Radio 4 is pointing out just how significant its role has been, giving over most of the night to Radio Ha Ha – a combination of features, archive programmes and studio chat with comedians, producers and agents.

The show debates how well the station has done so far and, more importantly, what it should do next. Curiously, there is a nervous element to the proceedings. For one thing, the comedy industry and critics alike have been complaining rather loudly recently.

“The problem is that Radio 4 hasn’t developed a really huge zeitgeisty show since Little Britain,” says radio critic Will Hogkinson.

Omitted from the article is any mention of That Mitchell and Webb Sound, as it might not have fitted the pre-ordained argument.

Incidentally, the BBC is running a poll to find out which Radio 4 comedy programme it should play at the conclusion of its Ha Ha special. My message is simple: vote for The Day Today On The Hour. You know it makes sense.