That was the year that was… as chosen by you

by Stephen Tall on December 31, 2006

My review of the year is brought to you by… you. These are the five blog-postings which have attracted most hits in 2006 in ascending order of unique visitors:

5. ‘New vidcast: my take on Webcameron’ (1st Oct): what I thought was a subtle piece of satire suggesting that David Cameron’s inaugural attempt to speak to the YouTube generation perhaps lacked a certain authenticity appeared to get noticed for different reasons. This was, of course, never my intention.

4. ‘Oxford clutches to the past’ (28th Nov): the continuing fascination my home-town’s older university exerts on the media’s and public consciousness was demonstrated once more by the coverage devoted to Oxford’s internal wranglings over its governance. I explained why I was 100% behind the Vice-Chancellor’s reforms here.

3. ‘To robe, or not to robe’ (12th Nov): that this article was so popular had nothing to do with the quality of the writing, or the choice of subject matter – and everything to do with Iain Dale linking to it. I was rather scared by the proof of quite how many people read his blog.

2. First full day of the Lib Dem conference (18th Sept): ‘Clegg ups the ante’, ‘Media tarting’, ‘Fisking Jackie Ashley’, ‘Keeping it real. Honest’, ‘Can I stop now’, and ‘Immigration: “open door = revolving door”’. I’ve a sneaking suspicion winning that award may have helped boost traffic that day.

But, by some margin, the winner was:

1. ‘New poll: sexiest female and male Lib Dems’ (14th Dec): proving – yet again – how sophisticated and intellectual the readership of my blog is, and how undeserved is the party’s recently acquired reputation for moral dissolution. There’s still a few hours left to vote, by the way…

So, there you have it… my review of the year – well, the last three months – as chosen by you. Can I thank the tens and thousands of you who have visited my blog, for whatever reason, this year? I look forward to seeing you, and others, again in 2007.

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