It’s too close to call

by Stephen Tall on December 28, 2006

I was going to call it a two-horse race until I realised how ungallant such a headline might appear. But it really couldn’t be any closer in the race for sexiest female Lib Dem, as we enter the final furlong.

Not only is it a tie between Kirsty Williams AM and Jenny Willott MP for first place, but just three votes separate the trio of luminaries vying for the bronze medal position. Here are the scores on the doors:

There’s little doubt about the winner in the sexiest male Lib Dem poll. The 3rd Viscount Thurso is the runaway winner, with a whopping 29%. At the moment, the much-coveted runners-up are Jeremy Browne MP (21%) and Nick Clegg MP (18%). But it could all change…

I’m keeping the poll open til New Year’s Eve, so there still time to rig things for your favourite if that’s your thing.

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