NEW POLL: sexiest female and male Lib Dems

by Stephen Tall on December 14, 2006

Y’see it’s like this… Originally, I was going to upload a festive poll asking, ‘Who has been your politician of the year?’ But then I thought some more, and decided that was just too drearily worthy.

So I tried to think of something Lib Dem-themed, and not tedious. (Tory/Labour-readers: insert your own punch-line here.) This is what I came up with…

Two polls to find out who you think is the sexiest female Lib Dem, and who is the sexiest male Lib Dem. (See the right-hand menu.)

My short-list selection criteria were pretty arbitrary and utterly surface. Those whom I have ungraciously overlooked this year have 12 months in which to make themselves appear more attractive. These two might help.

Vote early, vote once, vote honest. (Sorry it’s not being run under STV.) And, please remember, it’s just a bit of fun…

(Click on the name to see a picture if – shame on you – you’ve no idea what they look like.)

Who do you think is the sexiest female Lib Dem?

Who do you think is the sexiest male Lib Dem?

  • Ben Abbotts – near-victor in the former safe Tory seat of Bromley. He may never live this photo down, though.
  • Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon – former party leader, former marine – still an action man.
  • Jeremy Browne MP – the victor of Taunton, and No 2 in the foreign affairs team.
  • Sir Menzies Campbell MP – party leader and pin-striped radical… but is he a pin-up?
  • Nick Clegg MP – shadow Home Secretary, “next leader”, and housewives’ favourite.
  • Nicol Stephen MSP – deputy First Minister of Scotland; formerly the youngest councillor in Scotland.
  • Matthew Taylor MP – former Shdow Chancellor, he remained the youngest MP for a decade, between 1987 and 1997.
  • John Thurso MP – first hereditary peer to sit in the Commons without first renouncing his title. Champion moustache-wearer.
  • Stephen Williams MP – third time lucky in Bristol West, he is now further and higher education spokesman.

PS: if anyone knows how I can get the polls ‘aligned right’ in the blogger template, please ping me an e-mail.