Once more unto the polls

by Stephen Tall on December 5, 2006

The Oxford governance debate rumbles on… Following last week’s defeat of the Vice-Chancellor’s proposed reforms, over 200 members of Congregation (the University’s ‘parliament of dons’) have triggered a postal vote of all 3,700 electors.

Ballots will be mailed to us within the next few days, and close of voting is 4 pm on Monday, 18th December.

I would be surprised (though delighted) if the short-sighted rejection of the Governance White Paper were over-turned. I suspect the fear of the future on abundant display among the joyless conservatives at Congregation will continue to hold sway.

The University is a publicly accountable charity, and, if it fails to become publicly accountable of its own volition, risks forfeiting the very academic independence the rebels claim to be defending.

Though it might be the Vice-Chancellor who loses this battle, it will be Oxford that loses the war.

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