Uphill, done Dale

by Stephen Tall on November 23, 2006

Who can refuse once tagged by Iain Dale? Okay, let’s leave that question hanging… in the meantime here’s my list of:

Top 10 things I would never do

10. listen to the weather forecast and remember anything about it 5 minutes later;
9. wear white socks;
8. return a library book on time;
7. watch any programme involving Robert Kilroy-Slick (unless he’s being mocked);
6. look forward to turning 30;
5. I would never do without my wi-fi broadband;
4. listen to Quote Unquote;
3. eat an olive (despite friends’ insistence that I must like them really);
2. swear in front of my parents;
1. speak ill of a fellow liberal.

Number 11 of course is: inflict this meme on anyone else. But if you’re feeling short of blogging inspiration – or, like Iain, haven’t fulfilled your statutory five blog posts before lunchtime – then go the heck for it.

PS: was just tooo hectic to blog on Monday, partly ‘cos I dashed down to London to guest again on Iain’s Vox Politix show on 18 Doughty Street, alongside Devil’s Kitchen (Chris Mounsey), Ross Clark and Ashley Crossley.

If you missed it because you were otherwise occupied – as if – you can Watch Again by clicking here, and choosing the show labelled ‘Local Government Finance (20/11/2006)’. Even if I have been credited as Stephen Toole… (I’ve been called worse.)

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One comment

Five of those could just as well fit on my list – I may borrow one of them. For number 8, though, I am, professionally, required to be stern.

There is a Stephen Toole in the party, by the way, which is potentially a source of confusion…

by Will on November 24, 2006 at 8:41 am. Reply #

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