"This is a party political, so I’ll give you 5 seconds to switch over."

by Stephen Tall on November 16, 2006

As I’m working late tomorrow night, it’s awfully thoughtful of the Lib Dems to upload the latest party political broadcast to YouTube. Saves me setting the video…

Best bit: using the strongest section from Ming Campbell’s conference speech:

And now Mr Cameron expresses his reservations about Britain’s foreign policy. Well I say to that – Where were you? Where were you when what was needed was not reservation but votes? I’ll tell you where you were. You, Mr Cameron, were in the government lobby backing military action against Iraq.

Quibble: just as Ming is determined to banish the words, ‘coalition’ and ‘hung Parliament’ from the Lib Dem lexicon, perhaps the party can take a self-denying ordinance in return? Please let us never again use the hackneyed phrase, ‘hard-working families’, when talking about how our policies will benefit the whole nation. I’m not a hard-working family; I’m a hard-working individual. And there are many more like me in Britain.

Anyway, for those of you who hark back to the good old days of PPBs, here’s one for the SDP/Liberal Alliance in 1987, fronted by John Cleese. Something of a period piece, it’s well worth watching for at least three reasons:

  • As a reminder of quite how much once separated the Tory and Labour parties (and therefore the need for the Alliance to act as a moderating influence);
  • To remember quite how long PPBs used to be – 10 minutes! Even the Queen’s Speech was shorter; and
  • To witness perhaps the last occasion when the Lib Dems banged on about proportional representation when given some free air-time.

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No Party Political Broadcast is going to be as powerful for Cornwall as the news of Julia Goldsworthy and her success in being awarded the Spectators Best Parliamentary Newcomers award.Big hitters chosen along with her are John Reid and Norman Tebbitt, proving the significance of the award.
Great News and congratulations.
When this hits the local media in Cornwall you will have clearly consolidated your position Julia.
The Tories are in total confusion throughout Cornwall not least with bad, bad, infighting between associations,and as for the two PPCs already bingoed by irrational and media dulling confusion we have the gates wide open for success with 6 MPs at the next election.
Sarah Newton,the nebulous falmothian,is being seen as a damp squid only one month after her selection, with little news worthiness about her.On the Truro NHS problems, Matthew and his colleagues are leaving her standing as she prattles on in a lightweight fashion.
Conservatives everywhere in Cornwall are in total disarray as their membership and credibility vanish.
Newton has tried to rally a rag tag and bobtail crew of district and county councillors in the last 3 weeks with pathetic response.There is a clear failure to mend the damage which the gay Ashley Crossley created during his time down here, and this still appears to be exacerbating rather than healing. But this is great news for us.Even Colin Breed is benefiting from the downdraft of
Toryism and the selection of another low key Tory PPC in South East Cornwall.
Only 2 Months ago we were beginning to get worried about a resurgence of Conservatism in Truro/Falmouth as a very popular candidate with all the people was being proffered for selection, and we knew he would have been a hard nut to crack, as he held the peoples ear.He would have healed many of the rifts which had taken place and rallied the party ( and ours as well) but what good news and relief when we heard that he had not gone forward for selection.
Many Tories look as though they are going to vote UKIP which is growing in strenght all the time and which will split their vote with dire consequences.
However the great news is the media coverage which Julia is going to get thanks to her achievment,and the positive ripple affect througout Cornwall- a great political broadcast for us Liberal Democrats.

by Truro Member on November 16, 2006 at 10:57 pm. Reply #

Cameron was in the government lobby backing action based on lies.

How can it be his fault that the government didn’t tell the truth about WMD?

by Anonymous on November 17, 2006 at 6:16 am. Reply #

Truru member – “the gay Ashley Crossley”. You write that in a perjorative way. I thought it was only the local Conservative Party which seemed to have an issue with Ashley’s sexuality. Clearly I was mistaken.

And there was me thinking we lived in the 21st century. Silly me.

by Iain Dale on November 17, 2006 at 7:20 pm. Reply #

Whether,It is the Gay Ashley Crossley or the Gay Iain Dale,you have each defined your sexuality by coming out yourselves.You can blame nobody else for your sexuality or for others stating that you are homosexuals as a fact.
An interesting fact is that as conservatives you make too much of it and the electorates do not in general associate with you -hence a large number of you lose seats very badly.ie both of you in 2005 to Liberal Democrats.

by ANOTHER LIBERAL DEMOCRAT on November 17, 2006 at 10:11 pm. Reply #

In Falmouth and Cambourne no conservative was ever found guilty of Homofobic attacks on the Gay Ashley Crossley or for that matter the parachuted female Candy Atherton.
It is apparent to all that the only Homofobic attack nonsence was being diseminated by Ashley Crossley herself–much to the amusement of the electorate which arseholed him metaforically out of the constituency.

by Anonymous on November 17, 2006 at 10:20 pm. Reply #

This is a liberal blog with a tolerant comments policy. But it’s also my gaff.

So if anyone (and I suspect it is just one) posts offensively personal comments like those above in the future, without having the courage to sign their name, I’ll delete them.

I also reserve the right to delete comments with appalling spelling.

by Stephen Tall on November 17, 2006 at 11:06 pm. Reply #

Interesting.Just perhaps a cat fight between two she-Tom-Cats.

by liberal blogger on November 18, 2006 at 1:18 pm. Reply #

Putting aside the comments of Truro Member (and “ANOTHER LIBERAL DEMOCRAT” whop 50p says is the same person) to respond to Anonymous:

“How can it be his fault that the government didn’t tell the truth about WMD?”

This would be a stronger argument if the country hadn’t been full of people arguing that this evidence was dubious at best and demanding the weapons inspectors be allowed more time to establish the truth.

by Will on November 18, 2006 at 1:53 pm. Reply #

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