"This is a party political, so I’ll give you 5 seconds to switch over."

by Stephen Tall on November 16, 2006

As I’m working late tomorrow night, it’s awfully thoughtful of the Lib Dems to upload the latest party political broadcast to YouTube. Saves me setting the video…

Best bit: using the strongest section from Ming Campbell’s conference speech:

And now Mr Cameron expresses his reservations about Britain’s foreign policy. Well I say to that – Where were you? Where were you when what was needed was not reservation but votes? I’ll tell you where you were. You, Mr Cameron, were in the government lobby backing military action against Iraq.

Quibble: just as Ming is determined to banish the words, ‘coalition’ and ‘hung Parliament’ from the Lib Dem lexicon, perhaps the party can take a self-denying ordinance in return? Please let us never again use the hackneyed phrase, ‘hard-working families’, when talking about how our policies will benefit the whole nation. I’m not a hard-working family; I’m a hard-working individual. And there are many more like me in Britain.

Anyway, for those of you who hark back to the good old days of PPBs, here’s one for the SDP/Liberal Alliance in 1987, fronted by John Cleese. Something of a period piece, it’s well worth watching for at least three reasons:

  • As a reminder of quite how much once separated the Tory and Labour parties (and therefore the need for the Alliance to act as a moderating influence);
  • To remember quite how long PPBs used to be – 10 minutes! Even the Queen’s Speech was shorter; and
  • To witness perhaps the last occasion when the Lib Dems banged on about proportional representation when given some free air-time.