Granita Pact II – the revenge?

by Stephen Tall on October 10, 2006

Yesterday, The First Post’s Mole (hat-tip Guido) revealed that:

John Reid, the bookies’ favourite to challenge the Chancellor for Labour’s top job, made it clear to Brown privately last week that he would not stand against him.

Despite encouraging signs during Labour’s conference, Reid has realised that support for a serious challenge isn’t there. Odds are that, having made his peace, Reid will remain Home Secretary when Brown moves in to No. 10.

Today, the Indy’s Pandora diary column reports:

Allies of Brown said the story was “broadly right”, but cast doubt on the details. “They did meet last week,” my source says. “Reid signalled he’s not likely to run. But talk of a ‘deal’ is not correct. The Home Secretary thing is wrong.” Brown’s spokesman refused to comment “on private conversations”. Reid’s special advisors could not be reached.

It concludes:

Were Reid’s camp to dispute the Brownite version of events, it could lead to a repeat of the Blair-Brown enmity. And even if Reid has promised Brown he won’t stand, you wouldn’t rule out The Doctor just yet…

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