Never before seen. With good reason

by Stephen Tall on October 9, 2006

I see m’colleague, Cllr Rundle, has posted a quick ‘n’ easy users’ guide to aid the unfamiliar in distinguishing the two of us. (I learned a few things about myself I can tell you.)

David tends towards the circumlocquacious. Me, I’m more direct and visual. So here’s a photo.

Most councillors have stashed away somewhere a campaigning photo that’s never seen the light of day, one that seemed a good idea at the time – and which, in hindsight (and perhaps with some foresight), was never going to work.

Here’s ours.

This photo was taken three years ago by a very kind and trusting local resident, who willingly loaned us her baby.

The image was supposed to show how the Headington Lib Dems’ campaign to ‘Keep Osler Road Special’ would safeguard the futures of the kids who lived there.

Unfortunately, the captions it provoked from friends included: ‘My two gay dads’ and ‘Sign our petition, or the kid gets it.

It has thus never before been published.